bizdev GmbH was founded by Dirk Schwartz in 2000, who has since been the sole general manager and shareholder of the company. Within last 15 years, bizdev has invested in more than 50 internet and mobile startups and subsequently sold all assets – often directly to the founders of the respective companies. At the same time, bizdev assisted venture capital firms in the selection and assessment of startups.
Since 2016, bizdev GmbH has been completely focused on the management and advising of Chrono24 GmbH, the assets of which it acquired alongside Founderspark GmbH, a financial investor, and several business angels in 2010. Since then, several renowned investors have backed Chrono24, including Insight Ventures and Rocket Internet. Aside from its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, Chrono24 has offices in Berlin, New York, and Hong-kong. You can find out more about Chrono24 here.
Apart from its involvement in Chrono24, bizdev GmbH no longer invests in companies. All investment activities were transferred to its subsidiary Schwartz FM GmbH with a focus on real estate projects in 2015. Schwartz FM does not accept consulting requests and only invests in companies on rare occasions. Any questions? Mail to